10 Extreme Horror Movies That Try To Break Their Audience

Extreme horror movies you won’t be able to finish! Angst, Terrifier & more!

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  1. I would've added "A Serbian Film" to this list.

  2. Exhibit A bad guy sounds like every Millennial/Liberal/Gen Z’er, no self reflection and blame everyone else for their own failings

  3. Tokyo Gore Police is so fun though….

  4. August Underground
    Irriversible should be on here.

  5. Terrifier 2 is 10x more gory

  6. Martyrs broke me a couple days and it was just the thought of the fate of the main character and her hopelessness of anything good and the unknowns that the bad guy” heard. Like what the hell did she say to her?!?! I never got an answer and never will and that fucked with me bad.

  7. Slaughter Vomit Dolls. Lasted 5 minutes and I was done.

  8. I watched the Poughkeepsie tapes with a couple of friends, they were shocked and horrified while I was tying to understand why the movie was even made, it gave me nightmares for a whole week, people are sick

  9. "Men being hurt is funny. Women being hurt isn't funny."
    This is why I have no problem rooting for the clown.

  10. I watched Climax because of this video. Movie is so insanely boring, slow, stupid, pointless, and just bad. It was agonizing to get through, no idea why it would receive an accolades from anyone.

  11. Most disturbing movie ever is

  12. How is A Serbian Film not on here

  13. Ah all my favourite disturbing horror films ❤️


  15. Were is A Serbian Film and Human Centepide 2, both are much much mesed up than any of the list

  16. Watching from Greece.hi everybody.
    Best movies ever.period.

  17. For me it was Asylum Blackout, AKA "The Incident'".

  18. Pretty good list. But Terrifier is just downright silly.

  19. The hacksaw dissection in Terrifier was hard to watch. Art the clown probably scares Jason, Michael Myers and Freddie Krueger.

  20. Visitor Q 🪓🩸💀🤢

  21. the scene in Dr. Sleep with the boy, that scene absolutly made me sqirm….. im not very big on slasher/horror films

  22. I kinda expected " a Serbian film" to be on this list because Jesus christ

  23. I love Ichi the Killer and Tokyo Gore Police <3

  24. The Poughkeepsie Tapes is one of my all time fav.

  25. The chapter part of the video calls it tokyo ghoul police and I was like, "there's tokyo ghoul content i haven't seen? Why would it be on here? Did they abandon the human monster philosophy to focus on the horror? Why?"

  26. Irreversible – it’s banned but I found a copy – can’t really explain my feelings to the scene when she leaves the party but my god, it left a scar . Brilliantly performed by Monica Bellucci

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