10 Australian Horror Movies You Must See Before You Die

Scares from a land down under.

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  1. The Babadook is really not that good! It gets far more attention then it should

  2. I watched Picnic at Hanging Rock for my film class in college a couple years ago and I loved it! The beauty of the rock, the mystery of the girls' disappearance, the religious symbolism, the different interpretations for how the girls disappeared and how the film ended…it became one of my favorite movies that I've ever watched. Peter Weir and Australia as a whole produced a truly amazing movie!

  3. These lists are perfect for people like me who are too freaked out to actually watch

  4. For anyone wondering, Hanging Rock is a beautiful place, but it can be as creepy as hell. When the weather turns, low cloud can make it near impossible to see more than a couple of metres in front of you.
    Given the number of sudden drop-offs, that can make finding your way back to the bottom a seriously nerve-wracking experience.
    The weather doesn't have to turn to shite to ruin your day, either.
    A volcanic outcrop, Hanging Rock (or Ngannelong, it's Yung Balug name) has plenty of passages which narrow or become dead ends. It's incredibly easy to find yourself lost, as I found out a few decades ago

  5. Russell Crowe is from New Zealand 😑

  6. Crowe was born here in New Zealand, and went to a high school a short distance from my current house. He was a little … punchy …

  7. cant believe you said drop bears that is so frigging old and lame and snow down is a rubbish movie the acting is so bad and why include the short cargo film when they have an actual theater release full movie lol so bad and no razorback a classic australian horror

  8. Did she say “Oz-politation”??? Did she mean Oz-ploitation

  9. My Great Aunt was murdered by Ivan Milat…

  10. Tbh I found that Wolf Creek took waaaay to long to get into the actual horror.
    Will have to check out a couple of the others though.

  11. Well my kids are supposed to get surfing lessons on our Australia trip next summer. Now I'm having second thoughts lol

  12. Snowtown is so gritty. It feels so real. My God; it was so good.

    Mungo was good until the stupid reveal. Ruined the whole thing for me.

  13. What the hell? No Feed on the list but you put in Picnic at Hanging Rock which is not even horror? Are you serious?

  14. Why no mention of Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead?

  15. Rogue,Razorback,Dying breed and Storm Warning.

  16. Surprised to believe Night of Fear (1972) isn’t on the list

  17. Wolf Creek has a really slow burn, almost to the point that I nearly turned it off and then it dials it up to 11 and doesn't stop.
    100 Bloody Acres was a bit meh imho and exclusion of both The Cars That Ate Paris & Razorback is odd.

  18. I was thinking of Peter Weir's The Last Wave (1977). It features nightmares, indigenous legends, and a BIG mofo wave. This one never gets much love. And I think Russell Crowe's from New Zealand – he may own the best Aussie footy team in the world, but he's still a bloody Kiwi.

  19. How could you forget Razorback!??

  20. You missed Razorback, Rogue and The Cars That Ate Paris,

  21. "No relation to Rupert. Surprisingly." Heh, isn't that the truth.

  22. Cargo was made into a full length film in 2017.

  23. FFS, you are no Aussie, it is Milat, not Millet. Ya flamin' drongo. Yes, I am quoting Alf Stuart, but you probably don't know who that is either.

  24. "and begins killing off local pedophiles" 😁 "and gay men" 😐

  25. I’d have added Hounds of Love too. Wonderful acting and nail biting.

  26. Make a New Zealand list, Deathgasm needs to be appreciated in all its gorey and goofy glory

  27. "10 Australian Horror Movies You Must See Before You Die" – so if I will not watch them I will live forever?

  28. Ok, but The Clinic should’ve been on this list. The Clinic is one of my favorite Aussie horror movies

  29. I found the movie for Hanging Rock very boring. The Melbourne play my theatre class had to go see was so much better. My classmates kept screaming and clutching at their seats, but I couldn't help laughing. It was genuinely horrifying, but I found it to also be kind of funny.

  30. The remake of Cargo that stars Martin Freeman is somehow even more depressing.

  31. No Next of Kin, Rogue, Patrick, or Wyrmwood, WhatCulture?

  32. Lake Mungo, underrated movie! So glad it was included. The ending gave me chills, if you have seen it, you will know what I am talking about.

  33. Facking ell mate they took ma shrimp on the barbie

  34. though a kiwi film, fresh meat was a good one in my book. i liked both of the wolf creek movies. the star did a great job with the role

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